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April 28th 2024

Hey friends,

Llama3 is here!!!

The big change in this week's update is Franz now uses Llama3 as the default model.

What is LLama 3?

It's one of the latest open source language models released by Meta. So far, we've found it to be quite good!

What does this mean for Franz?

  • His responses should be much faster now

  • He has a lot more common sense and will push back on you like any other GM would. You can't just say you found a light saber in the middle of your high fantasy campaign, he won't go along with it willy nilly.

  • Much improved storytelling

  • He feels way more natural overall

Please give Franz a try and let us know what you think. If you are using Mixtral as your current model, we recommend giving Llama3 a try!

Joining Active Campaigns

Gone are the days of everyone needing to be in the campaign lobby, you can now invite your friends to campaigns you've already started! Click on the invite button in the Characters tab and send the link to your friends.

The lobby page also got a refresh as part of this update 🀩

Minor Updates

  • Added a retry button when Franz errors out or does not finish sending his message.

  • Performance improvements, Franz should be a couple seconds faster now. We're going to continue make him even faster in future updates.

  • Franz should prompt for rolls more often now.

  • Simplified the profile form.

  • Improved stability of realtime connections in multiplayer games.

  • Added a 'quick start' option for new players when they first log into Friends & Fables.

  • Fixed modal sizing on iPads.

  • Fixed a bug where carrying capacity was multiplied by 5 instead of 15.

  • Fixed a bug where Generate with AI button was not working on your in-campaign character.

  • Fixed a bug where confirming a spell would not close the spell modal.

  • Fixed a bug where Franz is typing... would stay on the screen after erroring out

  • + More bug fixes to improve stability and reduce error rates.

What's next

  • Unique usernames: We want Friends & Fables to eventually become a platform where you can meet others, make friends, and play together. To support this, we'll be converting the current display names into unique usernames. When this update rolls out, each user will see their new generated username on login and be prompted to update it if they wish. We expect this update to roll out within 1-2 weeks.

  • Combat Revamp: We're actively working on updating the combat system and this will be the main priority for the next few weeks. Super excited to work on this and get it out to ya'll as it'll bring back some big pieces to the game. We expect to get the first version out within the next ~3 weeks. Apologies for the delay here!

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April 12th 2024

Hey Friends,

The big theme of this update is images!

Images Banks for Areas, Points of Interest, and Items

We rolled out the character image bank a couple of weeks ago, and now we're doing the same across areas, POIs, and Items! Each of these categories has ~500-1k+ images to choose from. If Franz generates a location, he'll try to pick a matching image from these image banks and it will show up in your campaign. We'll continue to add more images for other themes, so drop us a feature request if your favorite theme is missing.

FYI: You may find some images that don't perfectly match - we'll be cleaning these up as we go!

Generate With AI on Areas and Points of Interest

We've also brought the "Generate with AI" button to the Area and Point of Interest forms, this will also try to auto-select an image for you. Right now most of the images are Fantasy themed. This should make it easier for you to build even bigger and better worlds!

Overlay Images on the Map

Thanks to @Xerrok for dropping this request - we've just added image overlays into maps. It's pretty fun to get an aerial terrain shot and use it as your area image!

Images are toggled OFF by default. If you'd like to toggle them on, click the image icon.

Public World Sharing

If your world is set to public, you can now send the link to anyone and they will be able to read through your world without signing into the app!

Minor Updates & Bug Fixes

  • Campaigns screen refreshed

  • Fixed bug where new characters would not generate in-game

  • Improved character detection - please let us know if Franz creates a duplicate character in your campaign!

What's Next

  • Onboarding - We need to make it easier for new players to learn the ropes. Did you find the site to be confusing when you first signed up? Let us know if you have any feedback to improve the onboarding flow.

  • Making Franz Faster - We are going to be testing out some new infrastructure/models so we can make Franz faster for you.

  • World Hub - We're going to make it even easier to share and discover public worlds soon!

  • Combat - We know everyone is waiting for this and we're super sorry for the delay here. This is quite a big feature and we decided it was more important to improve some of the site and get some foundational things done first. We are definitely going to be prioritizing combat this month.

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April 3rd 2024

Homebrew Races + Classes and Improved Base World Screen

Homebrew is going to continue to be a big focus for us! Now when you go to a base world, you'll find new tabs where you can edit locations, characters, races, and classes! Spells and Items will be coming soon :)

Franz will also prioritize using your homebrew races/classes when he generates NPCs, and the Generate with AI button will too!

Turn off 5e Defaults

If you are creating a world where the 5e classes/races don't make any sense, you can toggle this in your base world or campaign settings.

Model Modes

We're no longer calling it "NSFW mode", primarily because we don't want to box less restrictive models in for only NSFW purposes. For example, Mixtral is less restrictive but you might simply prefer Mixtral over GPT-3.5 for the way it talks.

This also makes more sense when we think about adding and switching more models in the future (Claude 3 might be coming soon πŸ˜‰)

Move NPCs with POIs

There is now a toggle to move NPCs with a point of interest. This option only appears if you change the coordinates of a POI.

Base World Limits Increased on all plans!

  • Free | 1 -> 2

  • Starter | 3 -> 6

  • Pro | 6 -> 12

  • Legend | Unlimited -> Still unlimited

Model Modes


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  • Fixed bug where custom races/classes would not show up in the Side Panel on nearby NPCs

  • Fixed bug where you could not cast spells from the quick menu

  • Fixed bug where Franz would create duplicate characters or an NPC with your character's name

  • Fixed bug where appearance would not persist in the POI forms

  • Fixed bug where location picker in the Info Panel would not open

What's next (In order of priority)

  • Refresh Campaigns

  • Public World Page

  • We're currently testing Claude 3 as an option

  • Combat (I know we've been saying this is coming soon forever.. promise we will get to it soon! There have just been a lot of other things we wanted to prioritize)

  • Homebrew items & spells

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March 23rd 2024

We are HYPED to get this one to you all! World building is turning out to be one of the cornerstones of Friends & Fables.

We see world building in F&F as a brand new creative medium. The worlds you build in Friends & Fables are snapshots of a world you've dreamed up, and each time a new player starts a campaign in it, the world comes to life and begins to unfold in its own unique way. The world you've built will seed the adventures of so many others, and what they experience will be heavily influenced by what you've written, but the outcomes are unlimited.

We're going to continue to invest our efforts into making the world building experience better. That's why we've completely redesigned the world building UI, and also added the much requested interactive map builder. It's now going to be much faster and easier to build out an immersive world!

Map Builder

  • Drag and drop POIs and Areas and size them visually in relation to one another

  • Resize them, renest

  • Automatically nest locations by dragging it on top of another one

  • Desmos-like grid system

World Building UI Refresh

  • Collapsible UI, so you can drill down to your most deeply nested locations from the world screen and view or edit them without leaving the screen.

  • UI is completely keyboard accessible, including forms

  • Added a selection on the Area and POI forms to change the parent area (re-nest)

  • Added a combobox (select/search) for types and parent areas

  • Everything is prettier

Please consider this very much a beta feature. Expect bugs or weird behaviors, and please let us know when you run into them! We will continue to refine it as you give us feedback.


  • Generate Areas + POIs with with AI

  • More images for locations

  • Color-coded areas + POIs by type on the map

  • Custom races and classes in NPCs

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March 19th 2024

  • Fixed bug where old message would repopulate in the input bar

  • Fixed styling bug with roll and spell modals

Some big updates to world building coming soon :)

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March 15th 2024

You can now add custom races and classes to your character sheet! Franz will continue to generate new ones for NPCs you meet as well if they don't necessarily fit into the traditional D&D classes

To add a new race or class,

  1. Go to your character sheet, click one of the race / class dropdowns

  2. Click + New

For now, races and classes are just a name and description. In the future, we'll add more fields so you can better define the features of a race/class.

This is not yet available when world building! We're in the middle of completely overhauling the world building UI so we'll release that at the same time.

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March 13th 2024

Hope everyone is having a good week!

  • Character sheets have been refreshed!

    • Finally updated the "Select Image" modal, we've added over 1,000 images to choose from! The images are searchable by race and class. These were all AI generated images, so you may find they are not perfect (it was not great at generating dwarves for some reason). We will continue to tune and add more images in as we go. Right now most of these images are for player characters, but we'll be adding in more basic looking images that will fit better on NPCs. Right now they are only fantasy themed images, eventually we will add other themes!

    • Added a generate with AI button. When you use this, we'll attempt to match an image from our image bank to the appearance generated.

    • We updates the code we used to build the forms, so they should now be much more accessible via keyboard and responsive

  • You can now delete your characters in the "My Characters" tab

  • Added a warning if you reload / close out of a character form (does not work on back button at the moment). This will be fixed in the future, we are waiting on a 3P update to enable that.

  • Adds NPC party members to the top bar

  • Adds larger images to the character sheet preview in the top bar

  • When Franz generates NPCs, he will automatically assign images if we have one that is close enough to the description!

What's next:

We want to keep pushing on some UX / stability things before we shift our attention to combat.

  • Update all of the forms for worlds, areas, POIs + add images for all of them

  • We're going to keep hammering away at these bug reports / feature requests

Aiming to start the combat build next week, so we're still tracking to get that done before the end of the month. Thanks for hanging in there with us everyone!

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March 6th 2024

  • Featuring a new steampunk world, Dirkshire! By our friend @deckofdmthings

  • Fixed bug where your typed message would get cleared if you navigated to other forms

  • Improved speeds (we've made Franz's average response about 3 seconds faster!)

The last couple rounds of release have been a bit smaller because we've been focused more on doing some back end work and dashboarding, which is going to help us improve Fables much more! Things are looking good y'all :)

David and I also did a planning session on Monday and fleshed out our plan for combat. We'll be starting development on that shortly. Will keep you posted!

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March 3rd 2024



  • Primary chat input now persists if you navigate to another page

  • Fixed missing confirm buttons on the undo event drawer

  • You can now update your campaign name in your campaign settings

  • Fixed issue where mobile sidebar would not close automatically

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March 2nd 2024

We are temporarily disabling the combat mode (the one where the red screen comes on). We've found it to be a bad experience and are redesigning it. More to come soon!

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