April 12th 2024

Area, POI, and Item Images, Generate With AI, Map Image Overlays, and more!

Hey Friends,

The big theme of this update is images!

Images Banks for Areas, Points of Interest, and Items

We rolled out the character image bank a couple of weeks ago, and now we're doing the same across areas, POIs, and Items! Each of these categories has ~500-1k+ images to choose from. If Franz generates a location, he'll try to pick a matching image from these image banks and it will show up in your campaign. We'll continue to add more images for other themes, so drop us a feature request if your favorite theme is missing.

FYI: You may find some images that don't perfectly match - we'll be cleaning these up as we go!

Generate With AI on Areas and Points of Interest

We've also brought the "Generate with AI" button to the Area and Point of Interest forms, this will also try to auto-select an image for you. Right now most of the images are Fantasy themed. This should make it easier for you to build even bigger and better worlds!

Overlay Images on the Map

Thanks to @Xerrok for dropping this request - we've just added image overlays into maps. It's pretty fun to get an aerial terrain shot and use it as your area image!

Images are toggled OFF by default. If you'd like to toggle them on, click the image icon.

Public World Sharing

If your world is set to public, you can now send the link to anyone and they will be able to read through your world without signing into the app!

Minor Updates & Bug Fixes

  • Campaigns screen refreshed

  • Fixed bug where new characters would not generate in-game

  • Improved character detection - please let us know if Franz creates a duplicate character in your campaign!

What's Next

  • Onboarding - We need to make it easier for new players to learn the ropes. Did you find the site to be confusing when you first signed up? Let us know if you have any feedback to improve the onboarding flow.

  • Making Franz Faster - We are going to be testing out some new infrastructure/models so we can make Franz faster for you.

  • World Hub - We're going to make it even easier to share and discover public worlds soon!

  • Combat - We know everyone is waiting for this and we're super sorry for the delay here. This is quite a big feature and we decided it was more important to improve some of the site and get some foundational things done first. We are definitely going to be prioritizing combat this month.