April 3rd 2024

Homebrew, Model Modes, World Slots, and more!

Homebrew Races + Classes and Improved Base World Screen

Homebrew is going to continue to be a big focus for us! Now when you go to a base world, you'll find new tabs where you can edit locations, characters, races, and classes! Spells and Items will be coming soon :)

Franz will also prioritize using your homebrew races/classes when he generates NPCs, and the Generate with AI button will too!

Turn off 5e Defaults

If you are creating a world where the 5e classes/races don't make any sense, you can toggle this in your base world or campaign settings.

Model Modes

We're no longer calling it "NSFW mode", primarily because we don't want to box less restrictive models in for only NSFW purposes. For example, Mixtral is less restrictive but you might simply prefer Mixtral over GPT-3.5 for the way it talks.

This also makes more sense when we think about adding and switching more models in the future (Claude 3 might be coming soon πŸ˜‰)

Move NPCs with POIs

There is now a toggle to move NPCs with a point of interest. This option only appears if you change the coordinates of a POI.

Base World Limits Increased on all plans!

  • Free | 1 -> 2

  • Starter | 3 -> 6

  • Pro | 6 -> 12

  • Legend | Unlimited -> Still unlimited

Model Modes


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  • Fixed bug where custom races/classes would not show up in the Side Panel on nearby NPCs

  • Fixed bug where you could not cast spells from the quick menu

  • Fixed bug where Franz would create duplicate characters or an NPC with your character's name

  • Fixed bug where appearance would not persist in the POI forms

  • Fixed bug where location picker in the Info Panel would not open

What's next (In order of priority)

  • Refresh Campaigns

  • Public World Page

  • We're currently testing Claude 3 as an option

  • Combat (I know we've been saying this is coming soon forever.. promise we will get to it soon! There have just been a lot of other things we wanted to prioritize)

  • Homebrew items & spells