March 23rd 2024

Map Builder + Complete world building refresh!

We are HYPED to get this one to you all! World building is turning out to be one of the cornerstones of Friends & Fables.

We see world building in F&F as a brand new creative medium. The worlds you build in Friends & Fables are snapshots of a world you've dreamed up, and each time a new player starts a campaign in it, the world comes to life and begins to unfold in its own unique way. The world you've built will seed the adventures of so many others, and what they experience will be heavily influenced by what you've written, but the outcomes are unlimited.

We're going to continue to invest our efforts into making the world building experience better. That's why we've completely redesigned the world building UI, and also added the much requested interactive map builder. It's now going to be much faster and easier to build out an immersive world!

Map Builder

  • Drag and drop POIs and Areas and size them visually in relation to one another

  • Resize them, renest

  • Automatically nest locations by dragging it on top of another one

  • Desmos-like grid system

World Building UI Refresh

  • Collapsible UI, so you can drill down to your most deeply nested locations from the world screen and view or edit them without leaving the screen.

  • UI is completely keyboard accessible, including forms

  • Added a selection on the Area and POI forms to change the parent area (re-nest)

  • Added a combobox (select/search) for types and parent areas

  • Everything is prettier

Please consider this very much a beta feature. Expect bugs or weird behaviors, and please let us know when you run into them! We will continue to refine it as you give us feedback.


  • Generate Areas + POIs with with AI

  • More images for locations

  • Color-coded areas + POIs by type on the map

  • Custom races and classes in NPCs