June 27th 2024

Quest Overhaul, Combat Updates, Bugfixes


Quests have been needing some attention for some time now, so I'm glad we finally got a chance to improve them.

  1. Quest Opportunities: Previously, quests would pop up too frequently and often not when an NPC is actually giving you a quest. Now, they should appear less frequently and more appropriately when you would expect a quest to be given.

  2. Quest Objectives: For each objective, there are actually some plans that Franz writes down for himself, i.e., "When the users are at this objective, Harold should appear and let the players know that the prince is dead". We've improved this planning so that objectives are now more interesting, and should contain fewer "mysterious hooded figures" and other common AI tropes. Not to say we've eliminated the common AI-isms altogether, but generally quests should feel more interesting.

  3. Hidden Objectives: In the Quests panel, you'll only be able to see your current objective. The remaining items will be hidden until you reach that step.

Combat Updates

We've been working on smoothing out the combat experience and fixing the reported bugs but know there are still issues, so please continue to report them as they happen. There's a lot that can go wrong in all the possible combat scenarios, so bear with us as we address them!

  • Updated the Edit encounter form to let you add NPCs to the encounter which may be missing and to switch NPC teams if they were incorrectly added as an enemy or ally.

  • Fixed bug where allied party members would be created as enemies.

  • Fixed bug where you would get "Error" on message send (these may still happen; if they do, let us know!).

  • Fixed bug where saving throws would not show the correct modifier values.

  • Fixed bug where you could not submit a spell without damage.